Farewell Selsdon ceramics hello Whitecoft pottery.

We moved to the coast near Bognor in West Sussex so we couldn’t continue with the old name, our new house is called Whitecroft so we went with that. Because of the move and the small fact that there has been a pandemic, I havn’t been doing too much pottery, as things eased and as I wore out the emulsion brush, I have been able to make the odd pot or two.

In the middle of the renovations we had to dig two trenches, as soon as you dig more than three inches you hit clay, I saved some of it and made a slip out of it.

The other thing that I have done is to volunteer once a week ( wednesdays ) at the Weald and Downland living museum. I am the museum potter and have been demonstrating various type of pottery that people would have used in the houses at various times. So we have covered; money boxes, costrels, jugs. Doing the research has taught me a few things both about the language and the actual pot, people are genuinely interested , many times have I heard them say as they walk away, ‘I never knew that’.

My next venture is the Chichester art trail which has it’s very beginnings Sat 12th June when i take two pots to the exhibition and pick up all the arrows and brochures, I am venue 41, how they knew my age is anyone’s guess.www. chichesterarttrail.org search either for my name or venue41. On the last day the 18th I am going to run a raku firing where you can buy a pot for a fiver glaze it and take it home.

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