The setting up of the show at the Pop in Boggers, to showcase the trail.

The most important item the crisps and cheeslets T

New for this year is bcat, a trail of artists on a seven mile coastal strip from Pagham to Elmer, a varied group of artists along the coast,

Su Cloud posing

To highlight the trail a show was organised with the help from Rox,Bognor Town council and Bognor Bid, a lot of work and organising went into the show from the bcat committee who were there to set the whole thing up. They worked really hard and I think the results of their labours show.

Drunk on free booze

It was opened by the Mayor who came with muscle in the form of two coppers from the community policing unit, in the evening before the real opening.

The following day it was officially open again by the mayor and there was a visit from Jim and a mate playing and singing , popular songs from the 50’s ahah.

Jim is 20 ft tall

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