I managed to make enough pots, in between working on the house, to fire a load of pots .I mixed up bisc and glaze, just to give me enough pots to fire at the Raku part of the open studios.

Pipe trench slip
The dark clay is pipe trench slip the light colour is the body

Open studios starts this Saturday, I have been clearing up and trying to make the garden more presentable. I am trying to make it mostly open air, safer in these days of covid. The organisers have been really good and given us all the stuff that is required. That is ; a PR code to scan, track and trace register and I am providing the hand gel, so should be safe. You can visit us if you wish, 10/11 July 17/18 July 10.30-5pm.

On Monday I glazed a load of pots that I found in a box in the stable where I store my stock, I must of made them in the old house. The kiln is already being loaded for an Autumn firing it’s so big it takes that long to fill it .

Last Friday we took a trip out to see where the power for the kiln came from, I choose my power provider that had an involvement in the Rampion windfarm off the coast where we live,

view from our beach

we can see it from our beach. I wanted to use clean electricity, I didn’t see birds being slaughtered by the blades and it was so quite the chug of the motors drowned out the slight noise of the rotating blades.

turbines in the mist 7 miles out to sea
The sub station where the power is sent to land
115 turbines 5 years old could be replaced by 16 modern ones !

Hope to see you this weekend if not maybe the next, quite a few of the pots for sale will be half price .

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