open studios

As venue 41 of the Chichester art trail , we opened our garden ( safer as Covid still stalks the highways and byways ) to visitors . Two weekends, the first weekend was wet on the Saturday, apart from that it was dry and sunny all the rest of the time. We had 92 visitors.

On the last day we had a Raku firing , I had never used this kiln before, I had bought it from a lovely lady Bren and made sure she came along to take part. I had been telling my visitors that the last day would be special and had made pots they could glaze for a fiver. Not many turned up, but our neighbours did so they had a go too.

It was the first time i had used the kiln so the first firing was a bit naff but the second go was much better, note to self warm up the kiln to a greater degree. I think everyone was happy with their pots, as usual it was a learning experience.

All in all a good open studios .

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